Jack spotted how we care? (4)

The late Councillor Michael Andrews & Irene Candy pictured outside the Plaque near the Queens Vault, opposite Holy Rood Church, High Street, Southampton.Sadly, the plaque stolen. like many others in our City, which commemorated the services of people to our City. Former Sheriff & Mayor  729th- 1952  Minnie Cutler -Peartree Green. Itchen Ferry-1990-stolen 2008.  Surely it is time the fixing methods are more secure & Council Security procedures tightened up, indeed necessary replacements arranged, too?.


Protect our parks from barbecues & fires.(3)



Our City is fortunate that we inherited for  many years our parks & open spaces protected   fortunately, by legal statutes & the people who care.Such Societies  as the ‘Southampton Common & Parks Protection  Society’  & the ‘City of Southampton Society,’  both Charities, established for many years.The latest threat is the  proposal to trial the provision of slabs on whichBarbecues may by  lit.  In total- 17  sites.  No public consultation -Council officer initiative? What next?  The Common. etc.  ” We must protect them now”.

A Lake for people-122 years on. (1)

Southampton Common has its ‘Ornamental Lake‘ originally created in l888 by combined  efforts of many including  Council;   Southern Water Authority;  HMG Environment Agency.  Improvements , etc., over years – 1910, 1933, 1947, 1982 & 2003.  What of its future? For people?

The north side should be cleared by at least 4 metres width to allow a safe path to be created with seats for our City’s people to enjoy the place.  Independent consultation should be carried out to evaluate the people’s wishes.  Angling should be prevented along the north side. 2010 would be the anniversary of  its creation. truly, a  commemoration for all who cared for our Common..



Southamptonians who died in the Blitz. (2)

This is the proposed ‘glass panel’ listing the names of Southampton fatalities todate.  names: WW1 = 2372.  WW2= 918. Of the 10 panels proposed . Present panels will have spare space for 423 names

 We should also include the men, women & children of Southampton who lost their lives during  the WW2 Blitz = 631. Provision of necessary panels would not be  difficult.   We should remember them .