Walk the Jane Austen’s trail. (15).

Jane Austen's Heritage Trail-2006.

‘Jane’ invites you to enjoy the ‘ Trail’ & its happy memories1.

1. – The Bargate-Trail starts.  

2. –  All Saints Church site-High Street -Corner East Street.

3.- The Spa Gardens-site.  Arundel Circus. M & S site.

4. -Jane Austen’s House-site. Castle Square. North side Bosun’s Locker Pub.

5.- Long Rooms/Baths site. Western Esplanade.  Wall west side.

6. – Theatre Royal site.  French Street.  In front of flats.

7. – The Water Gate.  Town Quay.  South side wall.

8. – The Platform (The Beach ).  Town Quay.  South side God’s House.

9. – The Dolphin Hotel.  High Street.  On Hotel wall.  Heritage Trail ends.


Art in public places. (14).

Mural panels-(5)-Friary House off Briton Street.

When you walk the ‘old walls’ visit the  the site of Friary House ( via Bernard Street or Briton Street ) , the murals are a delight to view.  Sadly some graffiti present.              John Hodgson’s skill & craft. Installed in 1987.