Auguste Rodin-Sculptor-1840-1917.(21).

Auguste Rodin-Sculptor supreme.
‘The Thinker’  initialy titled ‘The Poet’- bronze- 6′-6″ tall, originally custom-made for the ‘Museum of Decorative Arts ‘in Paris. The Museum  was not created. ‘Eve’- bronze-1881-1882- 5′-7″ tall.  Accession  No.2/1960- Chipperfield Bequest Fund-Southampton Art Gallery.When Rodin was 76 years of age  he donated his complete collection to the French Government, now housed in the Museum Rodin in Paris.
 NB.  A City Council proposal to sell various artworks including ‘Eve’ , to meet costs of the new ‘Sea Museum’  was
 not  proceeded with, much local & national objection ; the local press were active in the proposal to sell artworks from the Art Gallery’s  Chipperfield Bequest Fund Collection.

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