Entertainment-Places I knew.(24).

Cinemas, Theatres, Music Halls in Southampton.

Key to  symbols=*-Building exists.B=Bingo. C=Cinema. I=Ice Rink .  M/H=Music Hall.  B=Bitterne.   N=Northam. OV=Ocean Village.  P=Portswood.  St.D=St.Denys.  St.M=St.Marys. SW=Swaythling. T=Town. WQ=WestQuay.  W=Woolston.                       Let me know of any I have missed?   The Tablet to the former Grand Theatre ( site of present Marlands House-Council Offices )   has not been replaced although raised at Court Leet-2006. A combination of German Blitz- Bombing & changes of public taste, particularly advent of  Television, has radicaly affected choice.

NB. The Broadway, former Cinema & Bingo Hall, to be converted to a Community Church-2011.


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