Herbert Collins-Architect of people’s homes-(17).



Herbert Collins-Architect-1885 - 1975.

Herbert Collins-Architect and worker for peace.

Lived at 38, Brookvale Road, Highfield, Southampton.

 Born 1885 at Edmonton in London. He died in Southampton -1975 aged 91 years.

His designed houses were mainly in Southampton but some were in Portsmouth & in areas outside Southampton.  Most important in Southampton included Uplands Estate  in Highfield; Glebe Court Flats; Bassett Green; Swaythling Housing Society Estate ; Market Buildings & many other buildings . The YMCA, Cranbury Terrace; Bitterne Manor House, Swaythling Methodist  Church. etc.Thanks to Robert Williams’s publication ( June 1985 ) ,  we have an exhaustive history of  Herbert Collins’ achievements.          


‘Warrior’ A horse in War & Peace.(16).

‘Warrior’-A fine horse in War & Peace.
  ‘Warrior: Locally a famous & popular Police white gelding (?).
 “Warrior’ served on the Western Front during World War 1 , he was wounded by shrapnel & afterwards as a Southampton Police
Horse.  He died -22nd August 1935 & was buried in a ‘horse-shoe shaped’ grave, with a large headstone, on the Sports Centre-100 yards south of the Golf Pavilion.
Courtesy Southern Daily Echo.
 NB. The lettering is becoming illegible &
needs attention.
It would be great to record him in the proposed ‘Cenotaph’  ‘glass panels’.

Walk the Jane Austen’s trail. (15).

Jane Austen's Heritage Trail-2006.

‘Jane’ invites you to enjoy the ‘ Trail’ & its happy memories1.

1. – The Bargate-Trail starts.  

2. –  All Saints Church site-High Street -Corner East Street.

3.- The Spa Gardens-site.  Arundel Circus. M & S site.

4. -Jane Austen’s House-site. Castle Square. North side Bosun’s Locker Pub.

5.- Long Rooms/Baths site. Western Esplanade.  Wall west side.

6. – Theatre Royal site.  French Street.  In front of flats.

7. – The Water Gate.  Town Quay.  South side wall.

8. – The Platform (The Beach ).  Town Quay.  South side God’s House.

9. – The Dolphin Hotel.  High Street.  On Hotel wall.  Heritage Trail ends.


Art in public places. (14).

Mural panels-(5)-Friary House off Briton Street.

When you walk the ‘old walls’ visit the  the site of Friary House ( via Bernard Street or Briton Street ) , the murals are a delight to view.  Sadly some graffiti present.              John Hodgson’s skill & craft. Installed in 1987.

RMS. Titanic-15 April 1912 (13).


RMS. Titanic – 15 April 1912-Southampton based crew.
Commemorative    feature- plinth & cabinet, including an Album of the names of the men & women , Southampton residents, who perished when the Titanic hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic.  To be installed in Southampton’s Civic  Centre.  It will match the existing feature to the City’s 1939-1945 dead.  Funded by public donations to The Queen’s Peace Fountain Appeal.
NB. The Album pictured above  replaced by a professionally produced version, on 13th. April 2011. A copy of the above Book of record is held by the City’s Archives Department-for public viewing.

How the  feature will look when installed . Initially in front of the City’s Council Chamber

Fountains I knew- (11).

Pyramid Fountain-St. Petersburg-Russia

During the Queen’s Peace Fountain campaign-1990 to 2001, I wrote  to former Leader of the Soviet Union-Mr. Gorbachev, enquiring if  he could arrange for a copy of  the drawings for this fountain.  Most grateful to him for supplyimg a set.  This beautiful dense & frothy plume was the one envisaged for The Queen’s Peace Fountain, sadly  not achieved.  The set of drawings  & history of  The Queen’s Peace Fountain, achieved in July 2001, is now deposited in the City Council’s archives.
Designed by N.Michetti & M.Zemtsov – 1721 to 1724-. Summer Palace, Petrodvorets, near St. Petersburg-Russia.