Southampton’s Guildhall.(25).

Southampton’s Guildhall-1937 to 2011.

Southampton’s Guildhall is a fine multi-use facility opened by the 17th. Earl of Derby on 13th February 1937. Thanks to the vision & drive of Sir Sydney Kimber & skill of architect-E.Berry Webber. The proposal to appropriate the Marlands site was approved by the Town Poll-28th. January-1929.The Bill in Parliament passed , Royal Assent in July 1929. After 51 years of discussion construction began in March 1934, costing approximately £150,000. The floor of the Hall is of Canadian Maple & is sprung for dancing. 144 feet x 72 feet wide x 48 feet high, plus stage. Seating approximately 1,500 people. The organs (2) originally below stage, more recently in front of the stage. Well known organist-Reginald Porter-Brown-performed. Famous artists who performed included Paul Robeson; Gigli; orchestras; Vera Lynn. Harold Jackson-Seed was Manager-1936-1963. Dancing to Bert Osborne’s band was always a joy. Fortunately the Guildhall escaped WW2 bombing. Currently-(2011) managed by outsourcing arrangments.

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