Itchen Ferry-Regeneration.(32A).

Itchen Ferry-Regeneration-
Replacement plaque & signage
Congratulations to the Southampton Amateur Rowing Club, Woolston, and particularly to John Bailey who coordinated the project over 2008 & 2010   to regenerate the Itchen Ferry-( ‘The Lost Village’), in memory of the 96 local people killed by bombing in WW2. They have provided a facility for people to enjoy the view & water facility, ( NB. Its history dates back before the Middle Ages).   New housing families being provided locally  will have access to the River Itchen & its
shore to enjoy.   A removable barrier has been installed to prevent highwater tides
flooding the Hazel Road way.  The original plaque-by Johanna Metcalfe, installed in 1990 was stolen in 2008/2009.  Fortunately its pattern was located & a replacement  produced   & is now  installed.

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