Just a Dog’.(37).

Dogs enjoy a swim.

Just a dog’

‘I trot around the Common with my friend
Occasionally I enjoy a swim.
A pleasure the Council may soon end.
The lake space rarely fills up to its brim.
More concern is paid to the anglers near
In the Ornamental Lake I fear.
May my friend Pat’s ‘Common People’s efforts
Achieve success for us all? ‘Just a Dog’. (107).
Current proposals  cover the  many open spaces in the City ( over 200) ;  ‘Dogs on lead’; ‘Fouling of land by dogs’ & ‘Dogs on lead by direction’.  These Dog Control Orders may supersede existing Byelaws.    Details published in the ‘Echo’  7th. February 2011.
Photo. ‘Bobby’ ( ‘Bozo’ )- courtesy Richard Harris-ref. 378-1.