Art I knew-L.S.Lowry.(43).

   A typical example of L.S.Lowry’s art illustrating conditions of his time, in a period where living standards were poor. Southampton Art Gallery has an example of his work- ‘The Floating Bridge,’  the subject no longer operates across the River Itchen between Southampton &  the Woolston community to the east.  Illustration from retirement gift. L.S.Lowry-born in Manchester in 1887. Died-Glossop-27th. February 1976 -aged 88.



L.S.Lowry-artist-1887 to 1976-aged 88 years.


Art I knew-‘Bird Catcher’-(42).

Papageno Square, Salzburg-1960.

This attractive bronze feature by Austrian -Hilde Heger ( 1899-1998) was installed in the Papageno Square, Salzburg in 1960. Also, identified as ‘The Magic Flute’ from Mozart’s Opera. The illustration was taken on 12th September 1992.