TH.’The Saving of Tudor House’.(49).

St. Michaels Square-2nd. June 1989.

The building dates from early 16th. Century. During the ensuing years frequent restoration works had taken place-currently the City Council is carrying out major refurbishment-due to reopen this August-2011.  £3.5million pounds received from ‘English Heritage’.   The City Council’s predecessor-acquired Tudor House in 1911 & had been used as a Museum.  Admission charges will apply.  In the 1980 visitors numbered between 60,000 / 70,000 per. year. Mr. & Mrs.  Flint & Mrs. Noddings (CoSS members) & others too, in the photograph.  Charges-Under 7-free; 7-16-£3. Adults £4.75; concessions over 60 & Fosmag members – £3.75. We are indebted to the City of Southampton Society’s publication, ‘The Saving of Tudor House,’ edited by A.G.K. Leonard in November 1987, for details.  A thorough & informative record.The Echo revealed ( 11th. June 2011 ) Council plans to ‘outsource’ the Management of the Tudor House; the City’s Art Collection & the proposed Sea  City Museum; a warning -Remember the Chipperfield bequest terms for FREE  ACCESS to the Art Gallery- must be protected.

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