Supermarine, Super People, Super Place.(54).

Supermarine Works, Woolston, Southampton-1939-(Ref.7103-55 ).
 24th September 1940-a shelter at the Itchen Works received a direct hit- killing 90 workers, injuring 40; the shelter was east of the railway embankment. On the 26th September 1940 the main Works were bombed; the New Office building received a direct hit & the workshops badly damaged by bomb blast. No surprise that the Germans knew the location-pre-1939- their Luft Hansa plane, piloted by Herr Schmit, used to visit the Works, mooring in the River Itchen. The only local sign of the loss of life being the plaque on the walkway at the edge of the River Itchen. There  is also a stone memorial in Hazel Road adjacent to the former Goods’ Inward’s Department.  ( Today- blocks of flats ). Post WW2 bombing, the works were dispersed throughout Southampton & the south of England. Sadly R.J.Mitchell had died in 1937-a great loss to Supermarine & the nation at war.
The planes we produced-Attacker, Bomber prototype (B12-36), Schneider Trophy-S5B & S6B, Scapa, Scimitar, Seafires-(Mk. 47), Seafang, Seagull, Sea Otter, Southampton, Spitfires ( Mks 1 to 24 & to 36 ),  Spiteful, Stranraer & Swift.
 Illustration courtesy Vickers-Millbank, London.

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