Saints for All Seasons.(55).

Metal Sculpture-Saints for all seasons.

The ‘Saints’ is a well known Football Club in Southampton.  2011 is the Club’s 125th Aniversary. Gained promotion to Championship League-7th. May 2011.  The Southampton Solent University ( Vice- Chancellor- Professor Van Gore ) recently presented a metal sculpture  bench entitled ‘Saints for all seasons’ to the City. Designed by Trevor Thorne- Director of Marketing & Communications- manufactured by Fleetwood……
Location for installation has yet to be decided & agreed. It could provide an opportunity for local fans in ‘kit’ to be photographed ‘in situ’. Possible locations could include former  ‘Tyrrell & Green’ site; Guildhall Square; Central Parks; etc.   Public consultation perhaps? Problems? Safety fixing?; anti-vandalism protection?

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