TH.’The Saving of Tudor House’.(49).

St. Michaels Square-2nd. June 1989.

The building dates from early 16th. Century. During the ensuing years frequent restoration works had taken place-currently the City Council is carrying out major refurbishment-due to reopen this August-2011.  £3.5million pounds received from ‘English Heritage’.   The City Council’s predecessor-acquired Tudor House in 1911 & had been used as a Museum.  Admission charges will apply.  In the 1980 visitors numbered between 60,000 / 70,000 per. year. Mr. & Mrs.  Flint & Mrs. Noddings (CoSS members) & others too, in the photograph.  Charges-Under 7-free; 7-16-£3. Adults £4.75; concessions over 60 & Fosmag members – £3.75. We are indebted to the City of Southampton Society’s publication, ‘The Saving of Tudor House,’ edited by A.G.K. Leonard in November 1987, for details.  A thorough & informative record.The Echo revealed ( 11th. June 2011 ) Council plans to ‘outsource’ the Management of the Tudor House; the City’s Art Collection & the proposed Sea  City Museum; a warning -Remember the Chipperfield bequest terms for FREE  ACCESS to the Art Gallery- must be protected.


People’s Safety-Civic Centre.(47A).

East side staircase-Civic Centre Southampton

Public access to upper floor-Mayor’s Parlour; Council Chamber , Handrails only on one side – interupted halfway down by plant’s space. Similar staircase, etc., on opposite side. Recommend additional handrails be installed, of matching design & materials. This safety issue is resolved on most of the other Civic Centre staircases.   Safety should be the first  priority for public access.

Heritage in our time-A Suggestion.(46).

Heritage Walk-Southampton.

Southampton has fine City Centre parks- an opportunity to attract viewers from the City & visitors, too. Important Heritage features too. This suggestion is offered to invite comments & possible action.  The relocation of the Jonas Nicholls’ Fountain is proposed because of the lack of care for this listed feature & its use as a waste dump for Council bins & others’ waste.  Its history is part of Southampton’s. Originally, at ‘Six Dials,’ then ‘Kingsland Market’, currently Jonas Nichols’ Square in St.Marys.The proposed ‘R.J.Mitchell’ feature is suggested as an important contribution to our City’s historyA  metal sculpture it should include possibly two representations of Supermarine workers either side of ‘R.J.M’.

R.J.Mitchell-Aircraft Designer Supreme.(45).

Plinth & plaque -Hazel Road-Woolston/
R.J.Mitchell-Aircraft Designer Supreme.

R.J.Mitchell served at Supermarine Aviation ( Vickers ) Ltd., Works at Hazel Road, Woolston, on the banks of the River Itchen. from 1921until his death in 1937. He designed many aircraft including the Schneider Trophy winner & a range of Spitfire & Seafire planes.   He is buried in the South Stoneham Cemetery ( location G007-029 )-Swaythling, Southampton.  His final resting place is shared by his wife-Florence.

Blitz Victims-How we care?(44)

Just words.
Plinths west of Cenotaph-Southampton.

Many requests have been made to City officers asking for action to improve the condition of the plinths, so far without success.  Lettering  currently is worse than illustrated.Request to the Chamber of Commerce to consider this proposal has not been responded to. The proposed ‘Glass panels’ to be located on either side of The Cenotaph would provide necessary space to display the ‘Blitz Victims’ names.This proposal would indicate that we care for those who perished.

We should remember them-they were ‘Southamptonians’.



Art I knew-L.S.Lowry.(43).

   A typical example of L.S.Lowry’s art illustrating conditions of his time, in a period where living standards were poor. Southampton Art Gallery has an example of his work- ‘The Floating Bridge,’  the subject no longer operates across the River Itchen between Southampton &  the Woolston community to the east.  Illustration from retirement gift. L.S.Lowry-born in Manchester in 1887. Died-Glossop-27th. February 1976 -aged 88.



L.S.Lowry-artist-1887 to 1976-aged 88 years.


Art I knew-‘Bird Catcher’-(42).

Papageno Square, Salzburg-1960.

This attractive bronze feature by Austrian -Hilde Heger ( 1899-1998) was installed in the Papageno Square, Salzburg in 1960. Also, identified as ‘The Magic Flute’ from Mozart’s Opera. The illustration was taken on 12th September 1992.