Jane Austen-Writer.(60).

Jane Austen-Writer.


Jane Austen-Writer-Memorial Plaque-1917.


Walk Jane Austen's Trail in Southampton


 The Commemorative plaque was originally installed in the former public Library at the corner of Cumberland Place/ London Road.  No idea what happened to it?.        In Southampton Plaques have been   installed to identify Jane Austen’s ‘Trail’, commemorating her period in our place. There are Nine locations- The Bargate-Trail starts; All Saints Church site-High Street; The Spa Gardens site, Arundell Circus; Jane Austen’s house site- Castle Square; ‘Long Rooms/Baths site- Western Esplanade; Theatre Royal site-French Street; The Water Gate-Town Quay; The Platform (Beach)- Town Quay; The Dolphin Hotel-High Street.
(Thanks to the initiative of Arthur Jeffery).

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