Protect it Now for our future.(68).


In quite different ways Sir Sydney and Lubor were driven by similar goals-to care for the community in which they lived.  Southampton today, benefits from their efforts. Both publications are well worth a read.   Sir Sydney’s autobiography and Lubor’s History-‘Protect it Now’.
Commemorative features exist for both-in the Civic Centre-1st. Floor south block (S.K.) & Rockstone Place. (L.V.)  Southampton should be most grateful to to both men.

We remember Spain’s Basque Children.(67).

Southampton’s plaque.

We remember playing football at the former Nazareth House in Hill Lane-against the Basque Boys’ Team.  St. Deny’s Choir Boys’ team. The Basque boys including two players who went on to play for the Saints- ‘Perez’  &  ‘Sabin Barenaga’- great times.