Mayors and Sheriffs of Southampton.(74).

His Worship the Mayor of Southampton-Clr. Terence Matthews.

Sheriff Clr Derek Burke

Mayoral duties include presiding over the Council Meetings and many events at home and abroad. Sheriff’s duties’s include presiding over Annual Court Leet. Usually the Sheriff becomes Mayor for the following year.Southampton’s first Mayor=1217. First Sheriff=1447.
A series of plaque entries of recent years can be viewed in the Civic Centre, first floor outside the Mayor’s Parlour’ the first being Fred. Woolley-No. 0709- 1932.   Mayors & Sheriffs are selected by their fellow councillors and appointed at the public Annual Mayor Making Ceremony. Both are supported by the Mayor’s team, ably led by Sharon Gilbert and the City/Town Sergeants. The Mayor’s official car no. TR1.

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