Heritage-Supermarine’s Slipway.(76).

Installed pre-1936-still exists.

Installed pre-1936-still exists.

The Works were destroyed by German bombing in 1940. A shelter at the nearby Itchen Works received a direct hit causing many fatal casualties-42 killed, 163- injured ( 24th September 1940 ).  A plaque  is present on the water front edge to this event. Currently English Heritage have listed, Grade II, the original slipway, ( & Works) redesigned by Architect- Oliver Bernard, used by the  various amphibian aircraft designed & produced by Supermarine prior to the Spitfire production period.  The aircraft Walrus, Schneider Trophy S6B-Trophy-Winning plane, etc., entered the River Itchen down the slipway. Usually to the works at Hythe. In the image can be seen the large openable door leading from / to  the Erection Shop. Sadly, no recognition is present to the slipway; similarly, no identification to the nearby former Floating Bridge features. A plinth exists in Hazel Road commemorating R.J.Mitchell,CBE, Spitfire Designer supreme.(Ref. JVCSuper062 )  TP014-P1 ).

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