Just another Dog.(69).

She cut her tongue on broken glass.

In ‘Motley’s case-thanks to the ‘Common People’s’  members-Christine and Lance, who cleared up the glass which caused her injury; in many parts of  The Common-camping, fires, barbeques,  with resulting litter, are started by individuals. Danger to animals and children ignored by individuals who cause such nuisance. Council publicity for 17-barbeques in the parks -unfortunate encouragement for such behaviour. PS. ‘Motley’s Muse’-will this mean we shall all be muzzled for our protection on The Common?


Protect it Now for our future.(68).


In quite different ways Sir Sydney and Lubor were driven by similar goals-to care for the community in which they lived.  Southampton today, benefits from their efforts. Both publications are well worth a read.   Sir Sydney’s autobiography and Lubor’s History-‘Protect it Now’.
Commemorative features exist for both-in the Civic Centre-1st. Floor south block (S.K.) & Rockstone Place. (L.V.)  Southampton should be most grateful to to both men.

We remember Spain’s Basque Children.(67).

Southampton’s plaque.

We remember playing football at the former Nazareth House in Hill Lane-against the Basque Boys’ Team.  St. Deny’s Choir Boys’ team. The Basque boys including two players who went on to play for the Saints- ‘Perez’  &  ‘Sabin Barenaga’- great times.

Richard Cockle Lucas-Sculptor.(66).

Born in Salisbury -lived at Chilworth-Southampton.

A man of great skill who produced work in a variety of materials-stone, plaster,marble & wax. In Southampton the Pearce Memorial in the Old Cemetery & Isaac Watts’s statue in West ( Watts’) Park are of fine quality & skill. His son Albert Durer Lucas has produced many beautiful paintings of wild flowers.  Southampton’s Art Gallery has a collection but they are rarely exhibited for the public to enjoy. A number are on fee paying loans to private firms. Of his works I have seen my favourite is Lady Catherine Stepney-as illustrated.

Heritage-Southampton’s features-plaques-missing-stolen?.(65).

Safeguard the past for the future.

Safeguard the past for the future.
We should not neglect those features we own, they are part of our inheritance, too”. Regular inspection of sites & secure  fixing methods are essential to safeguard our features. A precautionary safeguard would be to ensure the owner’s details are imprinted on the reverse side of the feature.

Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma.(64).

Statue & Bust created by Greta Berlin-installed pre-1990.

Statue by Greta Berlin-installed pre-1990.

This Statue in Grosvenor Square would be  the starting point for the proposed Heritage Walk  via the Cenotaph, RMS Titanic Memorial, The Queen’s Peace Fountain and through the Central Parks.The statue, layout & bust originally developed by ‘Timberlaine’, present owners ‘PFC Property Management’. Formal ‘Listed Building Application’-12/11/2009 -rejected . Concerns over legibility of  stone plaque’s lettering & future care .

RMS Titanic Memorial to the officers who perished-15/4/1912.(63).

They perished when the vessel struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic.

In addition to this one Southampton has five memorials to the members of the crew who perished when the vessel struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic. A recent Memorial has been installed in Southampton’s Civic Centre presented to the City by the ‘City of Southampton Society’; a cabinet on a plinth which contains a Book of Remembrance of the names of former Southampton men & women who perished. It can be viewed during Office hours – located outside the Council Chamber Entrance -first floor-south side. (Lift available).  NB. Copies of  the Book’s entries can be obtained from the City’s Archivist at a fee.