**R.J.Mitchell-Spitfire Fame.(79).

How we care for a man who contributed for so much to our nation’s success in Peace & War.  Sadly he died at an early age .  One can only guess at his achievements had he lived. Schneider Trophy his early success.  The lettering on the tablet needs repainting.  Current efforts  are in place to achieve ‘Listed Building Registration’.  Ideally , Southampton should achieve a significant feature in our  City Centre, the proposed ‘Heritage Walk’ in the Central Parks? The Feature was installed-11th. September 1978, sponsored by ‘The Supermarine Association’ by public donations.Currently ownership is uncertain. The developers of ‘Spitfire Court’ no longer traceable. City Council not involved at present.  Action requested from Chief Executive-Alastair Neill. ( Information thanks to Southern Daily Echo & Central Library Local History Section).