Commercial Advertising on Southampton Common.(83).

The Cowherds’ Inn dates back to 14 May 1624. Currently owned by the City & leased to a private Firm. In 14 November 1969 the local Societies successfully opposed the Town Council’s proposal to create additional car parking on the Common. Called “The Big Fight”. Justice Foster ruled in favour of the Societies case against the Council. Full details can be viewed in ‘Lubor Velecky’s’   “Protect it Now” history, pages 20-26 & 126-128. Commercial advertising is not permitted on The Common.  The Cowherds’ Inn is clearly visible-there should be no need for additional advertising within a few metres from its  building’s front. City Council answer-FOI VG/FOI/1112/321-30/8/2011-FOI-1328-1173-110-2/8/2011-

 (1)-“The Cowherds Inn does not have Council’s permission to erect notices on the Common &  the Council is not receiving any payment from them”.

(2)- “The Cowherd’s  Inn cannot place advertising boards on the Common. Council officers are in the process of discussions with the Cowherd’s Inn regarding the board’s removal from the Common”.

NB. Important that care is maintained by individuals & societies in the absence of  Council officers,etc.

 Removed 16th. September 2011.  46 days after reported.

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