**QE2 anchor-Holy Rood Southampton.(93).

View east to Holy Rood Church-Merchant Navy Memorial.

At the foot of the Anchor.

Seats for people to enjoy the settng.

The Anchor donated jointly by the Dubai Royal Family & Cunard.  The area outside the Holy  Rood Church-( destroyed in WW2 by German Bombing ) has been upgraded & will form part of the ‘QE 2 Mile’ pedestrian route from the Cenotaph to the Town Quay.

NB. Care concerns- hopefully the fixings will be thief- proof  ( the Plaque to Clr Michael Andrews opposite -stolen ), & the polished , curved surrounds to the Features, will prevent damage by ‘skate boarders’ ( already  to the seats in ‘Guildhall  Square’).  The fine seats, above, have already attracted ‘graffiti abuse’. Hopefully, better care will be applied to this feature than to the ‘Jonas Nichols’ Fountain (listed grade 2) in St. Marys? ( See Blog No.26 ).

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