**126-Southampton Common-Turf Banks-abuse.

Southampton Common Turf Banks-abuse

Southampton Common’s perimeter has turf  banks which have suffered many years of  neglect & encroachment.  Many approaches to City Council officers since since 1984  have been    unsuccessful to remedy the abuse. City Engineer’s drawing- V/331/15-November 1981-gives details. After the Lands Committee-23/March/1967- The Town Clerk wrote to the properties- -18 to 84- Burgess Road- to confirm City ownership of  3- feet outside the Turf Banks requesting removal of any obstacles/buildings, etc. Today, abuse by gates, steps, wire railings continues.  A thorough rework is necessary, indeed overdue. The situation reported to City Council-Chief  Executive -Alistair Neil-15/8/2012-for action.