Borne in Stretford .Lancashire-1/11/1887-he died-23/2/1996. He died 3/2/1996. At 88 he had spent 42 years of his working life walking the streets of an industrial environment collecting rents from private property, as his Father had before him.  Such depressing  scenes obviously influenced his distinctive artistic response.  His style has  an impact that few photographs can match.   After his death much of  his collection is now in  The Lowry Gallery, on Salford Quays, Lancashire.   His style, probably a unique contribution to British Art, has been likened to Sir Stanley Spencer’s, although lacking the latter’s quality. Other similarities can be seen in the Dutch painter-Peter Brueghel’s-‘Massacre of the innocents, etc.  Southampton’s Art Gallery(Civic Centre) has two of his paintings- ‘The Canal Bridge’ accession No. 1397 & ‘The Floating Bridge’ accesssion N. 1483.


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