**132/1-Tree Talk-Ash.

Ash-courtesy -Wikipedia.

 A common native tree found all over the Country, particularly in low lying, well watered sites. Superstitions exist- that a crippled or diseased child could be cured if passed through a cleft in an ash tree. The bark of the trunk is greyish, smooth on young trees but splitting into a network of fissures on older trees. The flowers come out before the leaves & on first appearances are like small purple fruits. These open out into into sprays of little flowers, each consisting of a green pistil & two purple stamens. Some trees do not flower every year. NB . 2012- has seen an outbreak of fungi on trees in Europe & England involving their destruction.     There are 24 posts in this series plus the final Poem. Arranged alphabetically by tree n.ames. (**132 & **133 )