**132/8-Tree Talk-Elm Tree.

Elm Tree-courtesy Wikipedia.

The Elm is found all over England, probably our  most common tree,yet it is doubtful whether it is a native, as the Common Elm will not reproduce from seed in our climate.  They flower early & produce  & produce their seeds before any 
leaves appear.  Little bunches of narrow bell-shaped flowers, purple tipped & with purple stamens, break  from the  buds in February or March & a ruddy glow gradually steals over the tree.  The flowers turn into rounded green envelopes notched at the tip, each containing a seed.  There are two  main varieties of this tree in our Country the Common Elm & the Wych Elm. They flourish in almost any soil.  Growing quickest in any light loam.  The Common Elm is a tall upright tree, usually  with one straight  main  trunk, sometimes dividing into two. Elms are not very long -lived trees; common elms are subject an internal decay which  rots away the wood inside  without any outward indication.

NB. Currently a serious disease is destroying Elms in Europe & our Country too.  Years ago the Elms in The Avenue had to be replaced ( thanks to voluntary societies efforts ).

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