133/C-Tree Talk-Lime.

Lime-courtesy Wikipedia.

There are  three kinds of Lime to be met with in England-the small leaved Lime, the broad leaved Lime the common Lime.The last most commonly  found  & has been planted in avenues in country estates & in the roads of towns.  In order to keep them from overshadowing the houses the limes lining the streets are always severely pollarded.  In open situations  the tree grows to great height with a tall straight stem  & straggly angular branches.  The bark is smooth grey-green in young trees    & slightly fissured in old  trees, though never very rough.  The flowers grow three or more together at the end of a long green stem.   The flowers have five  narrow yellow petals & a large number of golden-headed stamens.  They have a very sweet scent & render the air fragrant for many yards around. The bees swarm  around them.  The leaves being heart shaped with a sharp point & toothed margins.  The foliage is dense & completely covers the tree in summer.

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