**133/L-Tree Talk-Sycamore.


Although widespread & thoroughly  domiciled in England,  this is not a native tree, but was introduced some centuries ago from Europe.  The word  sycamore is derived from the Greek & means a mulberry fig.  It is the name of  given  to a species  of fig in southern   Europe,   with  leaves   resembling   those  the  mulberry.    In  there  ignorance, our ancestors   imagined   the   great   maple  to  be this fig tree because  of a fancied similarity  between the leaves.   Although nobody  now supposes this tree to be  a fig, there are many who do not know that it is a maple.  It grows to a large size with a spreading  rounded crown.    The bark is light grey, smooth in young trees,  but later scaling off in rounded flakes.




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