Fountains I knew-2.(40).

Rose Garden Fountain-1934 to 1987.

Opened by the Mayoress Mrs. W.D.Buck-22nd. June 1934. The original plaque which was fixed to the Fountain’s east side plinth-now is in store in the Civic Centre. A new plaque was installed-south side of plinth-2005. During its relocation to the Art Gallery Forecourt in 1992, perhaps between- 23rd. & 30th. September 1992, thieves stole the original 10-bronze Lions’ heads-since replaced with new heads.

NB. In view of the current thieving of  such metal features, plaques, etc. consideration should be given to ‘hall-marking’ of the reverse sides with ownership details, etc.


Fountains I knew-Petrovorets.(39).

The Great Palace-Petrodvorets-1714-1754

The grounds of the Palace have many  fountains, water features of fine designs, quality & workmanship.Designed by J.F.Braunstein, J.-B. Le Blond   and   N. Michetti   in   1714-1724  and  completed  by    B. Rastrelli in 1747/1754.

**The Queen’s Peace Fountain.(33D).

The opening- East Park-17th. August 2001.

The Commemorative Casket, sealed in a leaden container, contained a collection of local records & documentation, including a selection from deposits from The Southern Daily Echo originally from behind the Foundation Stone in the new Above Bar premises ( post WW2).  Also City of Southampton Society documentation containing the history of its Queen’s Peace Fountain public campaign; donors to the Appeal, etc . A full copy is on deposit in the City Archives.  Reference ACC. 6648. See Blog No. 7  for further details.




 The Commemorative Casket beneath the Fountain