Auguste Rodin-Sculptor-1840-1917.(21).

Auguste Rodin-Sculptor supreme.
‘The Thinker’  initialy titled ‘The Poet’- bronze- 6′-6″ tall, originally custom-made for the ‘Museum of Decorative Arts ‘in Paris. The Museum  was not created. ‘Eve’- bronze-1881-1882- 5′-7″ tall.  Accession  No.2/1960- Chipperfield Bequest Fund-Southampton Art Gallery.When Rodin was 76 years of age  he donated his complete collection to the French Government, now housed in the Museum Rodin in Paris.
 NB.  A City Council proposal to sell various artworks including ‘Eve’ , to meet costs of the new ‘Sea Museum’  was
 not  proceeded with, much local & national objection ; the local press were active in the proposal to sell artworks from the Art Gallery’s  Chipperfield Bequest Fund Collection.

The beauty of wild flowers and still life. (10 )

Albert Durer Lucas-son of sculptor Richard Cockle-Lucas.

Thanks to the Chipperfield Bequest Southampton’s Art Gallery has  10 of ‘ADL’s’ beautiful paintings. Sadly, they have been on loan to private firms since 1997.  They are leased at over 100 pounds  a year each + VAT.     The income untill the end of 2009 was 10.000 pounds. The public of our City have not been able to view the paintings. A suggestion has been made that prints of the paintings be produced for an exhibition in the Art Gallery to enable the public to appreciate ‘ADL’s’ work.  Less costly than withdrawing those on loan.