Just a Dog’.(37).

Dogs enjoy a swim.

Just a dog’

‘I trot around the Common with my friend
Occasionally I enjoy a swim.
A pleasure the Council may soon end.
The lake space rarely fills up to its brim.
More concern is paid to the anglers near
In the Ornamental Lake I fear.
May my friend Pat’s ‘Common People’s efforts
Achieve success for us all? ‘Just a Dog’. (107).
Current proposals  cover the  many open spaces in the City ( over 200) ;  ‘Dogs on lead’; ‘Fouling of land by dogs’ & ‘Dogs on lead by direction’.  These Dog Control Orders may supersede existing Byelaws.    Details published in the ‘Echo’  7th. February 2011.
Photo. ‘Bobby’ ( ‘Bozo’ )- courtesy Richard Harris-ref. 378-1.

A Lake for people-122 years on. (1)

Southampton Common has its ‘Ornamental Lake‘ originally created in l888 by combined  efforts of many including  Council;   Southern Water Authority;  HMG Environment Agency.  Improvements , etc., over years – 1910, 1933, 1947, 1982 & 2003.  What of its future? For people?

The north side should be cleared by at least 4 metres width to allow a safe path to be created with seats for our City’s people to enjoy the place.  Independent consultation should be carried out to evaluate the people’s wishes.  Angling should be prevented along the north side. 2010 would be the anniversary of  its creation. truly, a  commemoration for all who cared for our Common..