**Pioneers protecting our open spaces.(92).

Gratitude to the Toomer sisters for donating Rockstone Place.

He led the “Big Fight”.
27 year’s service.

We should remember that these pioneers achieved so much because they were supported by the members of their Society-the ‘Southampton Commons & Parks Protection Society’. People who care for their open spaces.  Sadly, the need for  protection and  awareness continues.  The provision of improved access facilities for people & their dogs-( pets ) is a challenge for this 21st. Century to overcome.



Lubor Velecky-a fighter for open spaces.(18).

Lubor Velecky-1927- 2001.


Lubor was Honorary Secretary of SCAPPS from 1974 to 2001. He died- 30/11/2001.  Originally from Brno-Czechoslovakia, he came to the UK in 1948 ; later an academic at Southampton University.Thanks to his complaint to the Ombudsman, his complaint was upheld and Rockstone Place returned to its original open space; as given to the Town in 1879 .Rectified  in 1991.The plaque in memory of Lubor is installed in the east wall of Rockstone  Place Park. (Little Mongers).