**Our Town’s People Died-WW2.(95).

'Glass panel' proposal superior to plinths without names-for all to see.

Cenotaph ‘Glass Panels’ -remember them for all to see.

Tne names on the Cenotaph were mainly unreadable due to time & weather-hence the proposals now in place to install ‘Glass Panels’ at ground level.  All names viewable by people at any time or day.The lettering on the two plinths is poor & no names are present-hence the proposal for a similar ‘Glass Panel’ system at ground level. Consultation with the public should be carried out to seek their views.  Of interest the USA’s approach for ‘Ground Zero’ is a good example. (Plinth – 13/9/2011 ).



Blitz Victims-How we care?(44)

Just words.
Plinths west of Cenotaph-Southampton.

Many requests have been made to City officers asking for action to improve the condition of the plinths, so far without success.  Lettering  currently is worse than illustrated.Request to the Chamber of Commerce to consider this proposal has not been responded to. The proposed ‘Glass panels’ to be located on either side of The Cenotaph would provide necessary space to display the ‘Blitz Victims’ names.This proposal would indicate that we care for those who perished.

We should remember them-they were ‘Southamptonians’.