HB.William’s and Kate’s-day of joy.(56).

William & Kate at Buckingham Palace

“We all enjoyed their Wedding Day”.

Princess Diana of Wales-1st. July 1961 to 31st August 1997.

( Mother of  William )

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11.(20).

Devoted service to our Nation & the Commonwealth.

The left painting by Pietro Annigoni-1955 & current portrait.

On Coronation Day-2nd. June 1953-Her last words-final paragraph,-“As the day draws to its close, I know that my memory of it would be not only the solemnity of the ceremony, but the expression of your loyalty and affection. I thank  you all from a full heart, God bless you all”. In Southampton’s Andrews Park, thanks to public donations, we have The Queen’s Peace Fountain as our appreciation of Her Majesty’s continuing reign.