**117-Jonas Nichols Fountain-How we care.

Listed Grade 2.

Although its present location has historic relationship to Jonas Nichols, necessary works to upgrade could cost £25,000.  If carried out its present location is not suitable. The suggested location could best be in the proposed Heritage Walk in the Central Parks. Necessary care could then be available.

Protect it Now for our future.(68).


In quite different ways Sir Sydney and Lubor were driven by similar goals-to care for the community in which they lived.  Southampton today, benefits from their efforts. Both publications are well worth a read.   Sir Sydney’s autobiography and Lubor’s History-‘Protect it Now’.
Commemorative features exist for both-in the Civic Centre-1st. Floor south block (S.K.) & Rockstone Place. (L.V.)  Southampton should be most grateful to to both men.

RMS Titanic Memorial to the officers who perished-15/4/1912.(63).

They perished when the vessel struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic.

In addition to this one Southampton has five memorials to the members of the crew who perished when the vessel struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic. A recent Memorial has been installed in Southampton’s Civic Centre presented to the City by the ‘City of Southampton Society’; a cabinet on a plinth which contains a Book of Remembrance of the names of former Southampton men & women who perished. It can be viewed during Office hours – located outside the Council Chamber Entrance -first floor-south side. (Lift available).  NB. Copies of  the Book’s entries can be obtained from the City’s Archivist at a fee.