Protect it Now for our future.(68).


In quite different ways Sir Sydney and Lubor were driven by similar goals-to care for the community in which they lived.  Southampton today, benefits from their efforts. Both publications are well worth a read.   Sir Sydney’s autobiography and Lubor’s History-‘Protect it Now’.
Commemorative features exist for both-in the Civic Centre-1st. Floor south block (S.K.) & Rockstone Place. (L.V.)  Southampton should be most grateful to to both men.


Sir Sydney Guy Kimber. (23).

A man who cared for Southampton.

Born  5th. November  1873 – died 1949.  Mayor ( 695th./ 696th.) -1918-1920.He led the Council for 38 years-1910 to 1948.    The Civic Centre & Sports Centre among his many activities & achievements.  His first employment as a young man was to work in his Father’s brickyard at Highfield ( now part of the University Campus).  He received  his Knighthood -21st. February 1935. His autobiography – ’38 Years of Public Life In Southampton’ – published-1949, is a compelling history of his life. He lived , worked & cared for Southampton.