Conduit Hede-Rollesbrook Greenway (5)

"A great plenty of sweet water".

Take care before you visit this feature, access is very risky from the Greenway. Down steep slope over stream-no safe access. No indication of route, if you follow a rough path uphill to the west you will come to the recently installed metal railings around the Hede, with locked gates. Ideally, access   should be from the Hill Lane.

Rollesbrook property, by arrangement.


Southamptonians who died in the Blitz. (2)

This is the proposed ‘glass panel’ listing the names of Southampton fatalities todate.  names: WW1 = 2372.  WW2= 918. Of the 10 panels proposed . Present panels will have spare space for 423 names

 We should also include the men, women & children of Southampton who lost their lives during  the WW2 Blitz = 631. Provision of necessary panels would not be  difficult.   We should remember them .