**Court Leet-Southampton-4th. October 2011.(99),

Presentment by Jack V. Candy-Open Spaces -Society-Local Correspondent.

Court Leet is an annual opportunity for members of the public to raise issues,  they consider important, with the City Council. If accepted by the Jury they are referred to Council Committee for possible decision & action. This year it was held in the Mayor’s Reception Room because the usual venue the Council Chamber was out of action due to Civic Centre refurbishments. Presided over by the Sheriff-Clr Derek Burke.  People present included many children from Mount Pleasant Junior  School. These Presentments were accepted by the Jury. PS. Concern.. this year unknown persons edited the presentments before  consideration by the Cabinet.

**Millvina Dean-last Titanic survivor-2009.(98).

Mother & child-Millvina.

 To supplement Southampton’s ‘Sea Museum’, thanks to the ‘Millvina Dean Fund’ ( founded April 2009 ) it is proposed to install a Garden to commemorate Millvina Dean’s long life & associations with our City & its RMS Titanic history. The site is the former West Park-Trangle area created to replace  the Park Land taken for road widening.  It will be planted with a variety of attractive plants.  Surrounding stone walls of a height to provide seating.  The existing plaque will be reinstalled ( at present removed ). The ‘Triangle’ is north  of the ‘Sea Museum’ Pavillion.  

**N-Our Town’s People died-WW2.(97).

Their names should be in a public place.

631 men, women & children were killed by the German Blitz in 1939-1945.  Their only cause they were Southamptonians. Today the only public commemoration are the two stone plinths to the west of the Cenotaph. No names are  included lettering needs  repainting.