Heritage-Supermarine’s Slipway.(76).

Installed pre-1936-still exists.

Installed pre-1936-still exists.

The Works were destroyed by German bombing in 1940. A shelter at the nearby Itchen Works received a direct hit causing many fatal casualties-42 killed, 163- injured ( 24th September 1940 ).  A plaque  is present on the water front edge to this event. Currently English Heritage have listed, Grade II, the original slipway, ( & Works) redesigned by Architect- Oliver Bernard, used by the  various amphibian aircraft designed & produced by Supermarine prior to the Spitfire production period.  The aircraft Walrus, Schneider Trophy S6B-Trophy-Winning plane, etc., entered the River Itchen down the slipway. Usually to the works at Hythe. In the image can be seen the large openable door leading from / to  the Erection Shop. Sadly, no recognition is present to the slipway; similarly, no identification to the nearby former Floating Bridge features. A plinth exists in Hazel Road commemorating R.J.Mitchell,CBE, Spitfire Designer supreme.(Ref. JVCSuper062 )  TP014-P1 ).

Citizens of Tomorrow-Now Today.(75).

They enjoyed life.They enjoyed life.

Other societies I knew include Southampton Civic Society-(todays City of Southampton Society ); Southampton Model Parliament (Temperance Institute-Carlton Place ); Southampton Peace Council; Fabian group.
Youth clubs- Ashby Youth Club; Crows Nest-St. Marys; Highfield Guild; Northam Boys’ Club;  Southampton Youth Council.

Mayors and Sheriffs of Southampton.(74).

His Worship the Mayor of Southampton-Clr. Terence Matthews.

Sheriff Clr Derek Burke

Mayoral duties include presiding over the Council Meetings and many events at home and abroad. Sheriff’s duties’s include presiding over Annual Court Leet. Usually the Sheriff becomes Mayor for the following year.Southampton’s first Mayor=1217. First Sheriff=1447.
A series of plaque entries of recent years can be viewed in the Civic Centre, first floor outside the Mayor’s Parlour’ the first being Fred. Woolley-No. 0709- 1932.   Mayors & Sheriffs are selected by their fellow councillors and appointed at the public Annual Mayor Making Ceremony. Both are supported by the Mayor’s team, ably led by Sharon Gilbert and the City/Town Sergeants. The Mayor’s official car no. TR1.

AD.Art-We need a new approach?.(73).

The challenge today  is to transfer the images to a database to enable all members of all ages of the ‘BIGSociety’– (that’s us), access to the collection  using their modern equipment in their  homes.  I have suggested, initially, prepare a listing-in a format simple to use, i.e., include artists’ names, accession no., title;  selection by accession no., would be an effective method, simple to use & accurate to indentify the artwork.
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AC. A peep into the past-1938.(72).

Ref. 31-C004 .. D4-8

Photograph courtesy ‘Edwarde’ St.Mary’s Road.

Local Community history is a valuable heritage asset. The Choir Boys’ FC. enjoyed the Choir activity & the football, too.

**Schools I Knew.(71).

Sholing Boys School-pre.-1936'.

Memory is a rare asset.  I hope it has served me well to identify many of the School Masters I now list.Messrs. Dimmick, Jones, Ralph Morley-later a Southampton MP. Smedley (H) & Tucker.

Portswood Boys’ School-pre-1933.

Messrs Chalk-  he offered us a choice of canes-‘Big Ben’ or  ‘Little Ben’.  Le Bourne, Leeson-handicrafts & Violin, Silk, Stairs, Todd (H) & Tomlins H ).     NB. H=Headmasters.

**How we care for our art features.(70).


Sadly Louise Slater born – 11/2/1956- she died 1/5/1999.


The original feature -1993 to 2010.
 Louise Slater’s Lift Art Decor suffered from deterioration. The veneered section  peeling off. Removing the applied tape would remove the veneer beneath.  Not surprisingly- over 18 years since when created.  

When you approach the Art Gallery Lift, above which is the Memorial Feature to those who died in the Civic Centre in the Blitz, the area is frequently used to stack equipment-rather sad?.




Just another Dog.(69).

She cut her tongue on broken glass.

In ‘Motley’s case-thanks to the ‘Common People’s’  members-Christine and Lance, who cleared up the glass which caused her injury; in many parts of  The Common-camping, fires, barbeques,  with resulting litter, are started by individuals. Danger to animals and children ignored by individuals who cause such nuisance. Council publicity for 17-barbeques in the parks -unfortunate encouragement for such behaviour. PS. ‘Motley’s Muse’-will this mean we shall all be muzzled for our protection on The Common?

Protect it Now for our future.(68).


In quite different ways Sir Sydney and Lubor were driven by similar goals-to care for the community in which they lived.  Southampton today, benefits from their efforts. Both publications are well worth a read.   Sir Sydney’s autobiography and Lubor’s History-‘Protect it Now’.
Commemorative features exist for both-in the Civic Centre-1st. Floor south block (S.K.) & Rockstone Place. (L.V.)  Southampton should be most grateful to to both men.

We remember Spain’s Basque Children.(67).

Southampton’s plaque.

We remember playing football at the former Nazareth House in Hill Lane-against the Basque Boys’ Team.  St. Deny’s Choir Boys’ team. The Basque boys including two players who went on to play for the Saints- ‘Perez’  &  ‘Sabin Barenaga’- great times.