**129-Irene’s and Jack’s early days 1948.




**128-The Queen’s Peace Fountain(2).

                                                                   The Opening Ceremony-2001.

                                                                     Andrews Park-Southampton.
                                        City of Southampton Society members, councillors,

                                                          celebrating    in Andrews Park.                                                           

The Commemorative Casket, sealed in a leaden container, contained a collection of local records & documentation, including a selection from deposits from The Southern Daily Echo originally from behind the Foundation Stone in the new Above Bar premises ( post WW2). Also City of Southampton Society documentation containing the history of its Queen’s Peace Fountain public campaign; donors to the Appeal, etc . A full copy is on deposit in the City Archives. Reference ACC. 6648. See Blog No. 7 for further details.

Southern Daily Echo now relocated from Above Bar.    

**94-Southampton remembers the Titanic’s Crew.

The ‘Trail” surveys the Titanic ‘s features within our City.  15 April 2012 will record the 100th.  anniversary of the loss of the ship & its crew & many passengers, too.  Albums of  record listing  the names of those who lost their lives exist in Southampton within the Commemorative feature in  the Civic  Centre  (south side , first floor ) -outside the Council Chamber , in the City Archives  & Central Library.    Copies may be purchased from the Archivist.  The  Titanic’s  Musicians’  commemorative record feature is adjacent to the front wall of the solicitors-Paris, Smith & Randall’s Office at No. 1, London Road / corner of  Cumberland Terrace.

**127-is war necessary?

Fatalities-Irag-179. Afghanistan-433-2003 to date, plus many injured.