Entertainment-Places I knew.(24).

Cinemas, Theatres, Music Halls in Southampton.

Key to  symbols=*-Building exists.B=Bingo. C=Cinema. I=Ice Rink .  M/H=Music Hall.  B=Bitterne.   N=Northam. OV=Ocean Village.  P=Portswood.  St.D=St.Denys.  St.M=St.Marys. SW=Swaythling. T=Town. WQ=WestQuay.  W=Woolston.                       Let me know of any I have missed?   The Tablet to the former Grand Theatre ( site of present Marlands House-Council Offices )   has not been replaced although raised at Court Leet-2006. A combination of German Blitz- Bombing & changes of public taste, particularly advent of  Television, has radicaly affected choice.

NB. The Broadway, former Cinema & Bingo Hall, to be converted to a Community Church-2011.


Sir Sydney Guy Kimber. (23).

A man who cared for Southampton.

Born  5th. November  1873 – died 1949.  Mayor ( 695th./ 696th.) -1918-1920.He led the Council for 38 years-1910 to 1948.    The Civic Centre & Sports Centre among his many activities & achievements.  His first employment as a young man was to work in his Father’s brickyard at Highfield ( now part of the University Campus).  He received  his Knighthood -21st. February 1935. His autobiography – ’38 Years of Public Life In Southampton’ – published-1949, is a compelling history of his life. He lived , worked & cared for Southampton.

Ballet-Past & Present. (22).

Darcey Andrea Bussell,CBE. The ‘points’ of Ballet.
The companies, etc.,: to name but a few. Whose contribution was great.
Diagaliff  Ballet; English National Ballet; Imperial Russian Ballet; Royal Ballet; Sadlers Wells Ballet.
The dancers-female- Darcey Andrea Bussell,CBE.; Dame Margo Fonteyn ; Alicia Markova; Anna Pavola; Ninette de Valois.
The dancers- male: Anton Dolin; Robert Helpman; Leonine Massine;
Vaslav Nijinsky; Rudolfe Nureyev; Harold Turner.
The ballets: Casse-Noisette (T); Coppelia; Giselle; Hamlet (T); Romeo & Juliet;  Les Sylphide;   Sleeping Beauty (T): The Swan Lake;  The Rakes Progress.
Music by Tchaikovsky- (T).
Ref. Authors- ‘Balletomania’ by Arnold L. Haskell-1934.
‘Footnotes to the Ballet’  by Caryl Brahms-1936.
‘The National Ballet’ – Arnold L Haskell- 1942-1943.

Auguste Rodin-Sculptor-1840-1917.(21).

Auguste Rodin-Sculptor supreme.
‘The Thinker’  initialy titled ‘The Poet’- bronze- 6′-6″ tall, originally custom-made for the ‘Museum of Decorative Arts ‘in Paris. The Museum  was not created. ‘Eve’- bronze-1881-1882- 5′-7″ tall.  Accession  No.2/1960- Chipperfield Bequest Fund-Southampton Art Gallery.When Rodin was 76 years of age  he donated his complete collection to the French Government, now housed in the Museum Rodin in Paris.
 NB.  A City Council proposal to sell various artworks including ‘Eve’ , to meet costs of the new ‘Sea Museum’  was
 not  proceeded with, much local & national objection ; the local press were active in the proposal to sell artworks from the Art Gallery’s  Chipperfield Bequest Fund Collection.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11.(20).

Devoted service to our Nation & the Commonwealth.

The left painting by Pietro Annigoni-1955 & current portrait.

On Coronation Day-2nd. June 1953-Her last words-final paragraph,-“As the day draws to its close, I know that my memory of it would be not only the solemnity of the ceremony, but the expression of your loyalty and affection. I thank  you all from a full heart, God bless you all”. In Southampton’s Andrews Park, thanks to public donations, we have The Queen’s Peace Fountain as our appreciation of Her Majesty’s continuing reign.


Gustav Vigeland’s Sculpture Park-Oslo.(19).



Gustav Vigeland-Sculptor-11/4/1869 - 12/3/1943

 Gustav Vigeland was born at Mandal, his father was a master joiner.  As a boy he showed an aptitude for drawing & woodcarving. As a result he was apprenticed as a woodcarver. From 1892 to 1902 he travelled & studied widely; then devoted himself to the sculptures in the ‘Frogner Grounds’ ( the Vigeland Park ).  A splendid collection of art of people of  all ages, showing his great skill.



Lubor Velecky-a fighter for open spaces.(18).

Lubor Velecky-1927- 2001.


Lubor was Honorary Secretary of SCAPPS from 1974 to 2001. He died- 30/11/2001.  Originally from Brno-Czechoslovakia, he came to the UK in 1948 ; later an academic at Southampton University.Thanks to his complaint to the Ombudsman, his complaint was upheld and Rockstone Place returned to its original open space; as given to the Town in 1879 .Rectified  in 1991.The plaque in memory of Lubor is installed in the east wall of Rockstone  Place Park. (Little Mongers).

Herbert Collins-Architect of people’s homes-(17).



Herbert Collins-Architect-1885 - 1975.

Herbert Collins-Architect and worker for peace.

Lived at 38, Brookvale Road, Highfield, Southampton.

 Born 1885 at Edmonton in London. He died in Southampton -1975 aged 91 years.

His designed houses were mainly in Southampton but some were in Portsmouth & in areas outside Southampton.  Most important in Southampton included Uplands Estate  in Highfield; Glebe Court Flats; Bassett Green; Swaythling Housing Society Estate ; Market Buildings & many other buildings . The YMCA, Cranbury Terrace; Bitterne Manor House, Swaythling Methodist  Church. etc.Thanks to Robert Williams’s publication ( June 1985 ) ,  we have an exhaustive history of  Herbert Collins’ achievements.          

‘Warrior’ A horse in War & Peace.(16).

‘Warrior’-A fine horse in War & Peace.
  ‘Warrior: Locally a famous & popular Police white gelding (?).
 “Warrior’ served on the Western Front during World War 1 , he was wounded by shrapnel & afterwards as a Southampton Police
Horse.  He died -22nd August 1935 & was buried in a ‘horse-shoe shaped’ grave, with a large headstone, on the Sports Centre-100 yards south of the Golf Pavilion.
Courtesy Southern Daily Echo.
 NB. The lettering is becoming illegible &
needs attention.
It would be great to record him in the proposed ‘Cenotaph’  ‘glass panels’.

Walk the Jane Austen’s trail. (15).

Jane Austen's Heritage Trail-2006.

‘Jane’ invites you to enjoy the ‘ Trail’ & its happy memories1.

1. – The Bargate-Trail starts.  

2. –  All Saints Church site-High Street -Corner East Street.

3.- The Spa Gardens-site.  Arundel Circus. M & S site.

4. -Jane Austen’s House-site. Castle Square. North side Bosun’s Locker Pub.

5.- Long Rooms/Baths site. Western Esplanade.  Wall west side.

6. – Theatre Royal site.  French Street.  In front of flats.

7. – The Water Gate.  Town Quay.  South side wall.

8. – The Platform (The Beach ).  Town Quay.  South side God’s House.

9. – The Dolphin Hotel.  High Street.  On Hotel wall.  Heritage Trail ends.