Fountains I knew-Petrovorets.(39).

The Great Palace-Petrodvorets-1714-1754

The grounds of the Palace have many  fountains, water features of fine designs, quality & workmanship.Designed by J.F.Braunstein, J.-B. Le Blond   and   N. Michetti   in   1714-1724  and  completed  by    B. Rastrelli in 1747/1754.

Just a Dog’.(37).

Dogs enjoy a swim.

Just a dog’

‘I trot around the Common with my friend
Occasionally I enjoy a swim.
A pleasure the Council may soon end.
The lake space rarely fills up to its brim.
More concern is paid to the anglers near
In the Ornamental Lake I fear.
May my friend Pat’s ‘Common People’s efforts
Achieve success for us all? ‘Just a Dog’. (107).
Current proposals  cover the  many open spaces in the City ( over 200) ;  ‘Dogs on lead’; ‘Fouling of land by dogs’ & ‘Dogs on lead by direction’.  These Dog Control Orders may supersede existing Byelaws.    Details published in the ‘Echo’  7th. February 2011.
Photo. ‘Bobby’ ( ‘Bozo’ )- courtesy Richard Harris-ref. 378-1.

Pearce Memorial-Old Cemetery.(36).

‘Faith, Hope & Charity’-Southampton Old Cemetery.
PS.  This Blog is incomplete-I am  waiting for confirmation that a special plaque has  been installed to this listed feature.  JVC.

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City Council-new man at the helm.(29).

Alistair Neill-Chief Executive-2010

Southampton has a new man at the helm-Alistair Neill, appointed in November 2010 to succeed  Brad. Roynon , who retired. Originally , from Scotland and marriedto an Oxford lady, with three children. He has extensive Executive experience with major companies in the UK and internationally. Before appointment he was Chief Executive with Merthyr  Tydfil in  Glamorganshire, North Wales. He is an easy personality with whom to meet and converse .  An “outline vision – in the Council we have two goals: firstly, to deliver the most excellent services possible to our customers; secondly,to act decisively in a pivotal role working  with partners across the public sector,and with the private sector,to deliver continually improvingand sustainable better prospects for all the residents of Merthyr Tydfil”.