City Council-new man at the helm.(29).

Alistair Neill-Chief Executive-2010

Southampton has a new man at the helm-Alistair Neill, appointed in November 2010 to succeed  Brad. Roynon , who retired. Originally , from Scotland and marriedto an Oxford lady, with three children. He has extensive Executive experience with major companies in the UK and internationally. Before appointment he was Chief Executive with Merthyr  Tydfil in  Glamorganshire, North Wales. He is an easy personality with whom to meet and converse .  An “outline vision – in the Council we have two goals: firstly, to deliver the most excellent services possible to our customers; secondly,to act decisively in a pivotal role working  with partners across the public sector,and with the private sector,to deliver continually improvingand sustainable better prospects for all the residents of Merthyr Tydfil”.

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